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Sync Licensing

  • 2:13
    Futuristic flume type electronic vibes
  • 1:20
    Quirky upbeat happy Indie Rock, Pop Song
  • 1:00
    Hard Hitting Reggae, EDM, Hip Hop fusion Instrumental
  • 0:56
    Happy summer-time vibes with a groove.
  • 1:29
    Agressive Electronic Industrial Instrumental
  • 1:00
    Chill Vibes, Beach Day Island Reggae Instrumental
  • 1:39
    Classic 90's Hip Hop Sample Style Instrumental with Hook. Except that we created the 60's rock sample ourselves. Vintage Gear and techniques to emulate the 60's and then resampled it!
  • 1:00
    Pop Reggae - Bruno Mars-ish Instrumental
  • 1:03
    Playful and Quirky - M.I.A-ish Instrumental
  • 1:01
    Bouncey, swinging instrumental with a similar groove to Justin Bieber's "Sorry"