Q & A

Does your track sound good, but when compared to commercial music, it just falls short?  

Our mixing services will take your tracks to the next level.  We combine state of the art plugins, with our analog summing, and outboard gear, to clean, carve and fatten up all your tracks to make them ready to compete with commercial radio hits.

Are you a songwriter with a catalog of songs, but your productions and arrangement skills are just not making your music sing?

We can work with you to perfect the exact sound that your are looking for. We utilize the fatteness of analog synths like the Roland Juno 106 with the crystal clarity and digital artifacts associated with FM synthesis and digital synths like FM8, Massive, and Diva. All genre's and styles of music are appreciated and embraced. We can bring your song to life, and make it ready for the radio, record labels, and your awaiting fans. Let us pump some steroids into your song and watch it become a hit!

Are you looking for music for licensing?

We have an incredibly well diverse library of sample free and fully cleared music. We also provide custom arranged productions, both instrumental and lyrical in whatever musical style you need. We will work with you to tailor fit the tracks to your exact sonic desires. Because we do everything in house from the recording to the mastering, we offer incredibly fast turnarounds (As fast as 2-3 days).

Are you interested in mixing and mastering services but you are not located in the New York/Tri-state area?  

No problem!  We work remotely with a large number of our clients from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Track stems can be transferred through our business Dropbox account, or through your preferred method of transfer.  Final Mix notes take place via Skype and email, and for no additional fee we offer live-feed mix sessions via Source Connect.

What is Source Connect?

Source connect is a direct feed from any DAW output from our studios to the comfort of your own listening environment using Wi-FI. It is invaluable to be able to listen back in an environment medium you are most familiar with. Whether it's your home studio monitors, headphones, or off your laptop on the road this will give you the most accurate idea of how you're music sounds.