A partial list of clients, collaborators, and people for whom we've worked...

"Jeremiah recorded our web-series' theme song, and I was so impressed with his passion for all things sound. He's inventive, passionate, and professional. His enthusiasm for collaborating while recording, plus his creativity in mixing, led to a very enjoyable process for our team. You want this guy working for you!"
-Scott Stangland (The Great Comet, Once: The Musical)
"I've worked with Jeremiah on two different projects, and I love his flexibility between genres. He's generous, meticulous, quick, and professional. Dare i say his abilities know no boundaries. He constantly evolves and adapts to each project. I'll always come back to Blank Canvas Music!"
- Erikka Walsh
"Jeremiah is not only a great producer but has a musical background and fresh ears! He truly understands sound in all its dimensions, placement of the mixes, sonic textures and vibe of the songs. It's rare to find someone who is as on top of it with equipment and ability. He's very easy to work with for recording, and also great at remixing.
- Meredith Meyer (The Young Unknowns)
"Jeremiah worked quickly, professionally, and offered us at Bonfire Falls multiple opportunities to tweak and perfect the sound as he went. Our freshman EP Lifetime is all the better for his excellent ear and efforts."
- Ryan McCurdy (Bonfire Falls)
"Jeremiah is the consummate collaborator and producer. He is creative, passionate, organized, and brings his work in on time! His professionalism is only surpassed by his musicality, ingenuity and ears!! I look forward to the next project I can work with him on!"
- Mindy Cooper
"I love working with Jeremiah. He's a perfectionist which shines through in his work ethic and tracks. He's also the most inventive producer I know- his sounds are entirely original. Studio time with him is always fun and he's mastered the balance between honoring ideas and giving his own input. I can't recommend him enough."
- Alex Kantor


Jake Birch

Isaiah Elwell

Iron Solomon

Lloyd Llandesman

Homero Espinosa

Greg Calbi


Prince Royce


Iron Solomon

Talib Kweli

Dj Green Lantern


The Eternal Space (off broadway production)

Social Life: The Musical

Oberlin Conservatory Jazz department

WOBC Radio

Oberlin Conservatory : TIMARA department

St. Mazie

Meredith Meyers (The Young Unknowns)

21 savage

Bonfire Falls

Fernandez Live

Joey Fatts

Maejor Ali

John Duff (Saved by the Bell Musical)


Sony Music



Pandora Radio

New Jersey Nets

DAS Entertainment

Tommy Boy Records

Chris Myers (Fource, Social Life The Musical)

Scott Stangland (Once: The Musical, Miss Terri, The Great Comet)

The Young Unknowns


Killa Theory

Brian Kapler

Decay Savage

Zeke Thomas

DJ Scene

Marcus Paul James (Rent: The Musical, In The Heights: The Musical)

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